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Breastfeeding and Infant Care:

La Leche League Lindsay

or 1-705-934-5300

La Leche League Canada Resources for Parents

HKPR Health Unit

Free breastfeeding support through telephone, appointments at a breastfeeding clinic, or help in your own home. 1-866-888-4577, ext. 5003

Breastfeeding Links

from Peterborough Partners in Pregnancy Clinic

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Resources

from Toronto Public Health

Mel Neal IBCLC

Cranio-Sacral Therapy for breastfeeding support for baby

Lactation Consultation including assessment for oral restrictions like tongue tie and lip tie

Dr. Jack Newman

International Breastfeeding Clinic in Toronto


Telehealth Breastfeeding Support

Lactation experts and registered nurses with training in breastfeeding and lactation available after business hours 1-866-797-0000

7 Natural Laws of Breastfeeding

from Breastfeeding Made Simple

Getting Started with Breastfeeding

from Stanford Medicine

Challenges of Breastfeeding

from Breastfeeding Made Simple

The Art & Science of Breastfeeding

from Hazelbaker Lactation Institute's

The Importance of Colostrum

from La Leche League International

Getting a Good Latch

Correct Latch

If Baby Struggles at Breast

Hand Expression of Breastmilk

Maximizing Milk Production with Hands-On Pumping


Hold for Crying

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