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Preparing for an Empowering Birth

An interactive 6-week online course with Sasha Padron, a gentle doula who has attended over 700 births in Ontario. Through discussion, practice, knowledge building and storytelling, this course will guide you through the four essential steps to preparing for an empowering birth.


Your Natural Oxytocin as a Safe Birth Activator

Guided Pelvic Mapping with Kimberly Ann Johnson

An audio practice that leads you through the anatomy and guides you through a proper Kegel

Forward Leaning Inversion

Potentially makes room for a good fetal position

The Miles Circuit

Relieves pressure on the low back, helps ensure excellent baby positioning, can be used to help regulate or speed up labour

Using a Birth Ball

Hormones in Labour

Pathway to a healthy birth: How to help your hormones do their wonderful work

Upright, Forward, Open

Dancing for Birth's founder Stephanie Larson on why you should get up and move during labour

Mel Neal

Birth Education Private Class


HKPR Nutrition

Workshops & Advice


Evidence-informed pregnancy, birth, and early parenting information

HKPR Prenatal Programs & Classes

1-866-888-4577 x5003

Peterborough Partners in Pregnancy Clinic Handouts


Locally created app

Peterborough School for Young Moms

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