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Experiences and skills developed during pregnancy and birth resonate with families, setting the tone for how children and new parents grow into the world.

I believe perinatal support requires gentle care, respect for personal autonomy, a nurturing community, sanctity, and reverence.

Through birthwork and family care work, I encourage and support comfort, relaxation, reassurance, movement, meditation, finding and using your voice, learning and singing lullabies, hydration, and nourishment through wholesome foods.

I personalize my care to your preferences and needs, supporting your birth and parenthood choices by listening deeply, building community with you and supporting and empowering your unique transformative journey.

"Sharon is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, which put me at ease in the days leading up to my due date. Her nonjudgmental approach and her warm, calm demeanor make her an asset to have by your side during delivery, and her assistance in the tender postpartum weeks will provide a welcome respite to any new mother."

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