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Labour and

Birth Support


Tender personalized support throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, first latch, and beyond, including exploring birth intentions and the ways you can thrive through this experience!

Birth doula difference:

  • Confidence

  • Positive birth experience

  • Less likely to opt for induction or medicated relief

  • More likely to have spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Shorter labour

  • Better infant outcomes


Primal Year Support


Support to optimize your family's wellbeing during the first year with your baby. Postpartum hours are flexible and can be booked weekly to adapt to your family's unique and evolving needs.

Postpartum support is:

  • Tender presence

  • Attention to your struggles

  • Rest & relief

  • Reassurance

  • Hands on care

  • Deep listening

  • Unpacking the birth experience

  • Connecting with community supports



Focused time devoted to discovering your vision of safe, supported, empowered birth. Helping you feel secure in your ability to research unknowns and to access your deep well of wisdom.

Why plan for birth?

  • Learn to listen to your intuition

  • Access your power

  • Explore comfort measures that feel right for you

  • Choose who will be invited into your sacred birthing space and into your newborn home





Mundane daily life with our family holds more meaning than we realize. We can never go back and capture the ages and stages and early connections. These moments are beautiful and fleeting.

Photography I offer:

  • Timelapse: Monthly Family Shoots

  • Pregnancy

  • Birth

  • Family Life

  • Lifestyle

  • Couples

  • Artisan Profile

  • Small Business Brand

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